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Minerva Webworks LLC was founded by Lisa Shea in order to develop websites and publish books with a charitable purpose. Each website in the Minerva Webworks community is designed to help visitors achieve health, happiness and harmony. The ad presence on these sites is deliberately kept to a minimum, solely ensuring the sites pay their own hosting fees and can remain self sufficient. Lisa explicitly avoids pop-up, pop-under, interstitial and other annoying ads. The primary purpose of the websites is to help people - not to make money.

Minerva Webworks is comprised of:

BellaOnline.com - second largest women's site in the world
WineIntro.com - wine reviews, food pairing, winery notes
RomanceClass.com - personal advice and support
EnjoyMA.com - tourism and restaurant information for Massachusetts
LisaShea.com - personal travelogues, literature and culture notes
ASPIsFun.com - Training and information on ASP database language
WeddingsAndCourtships.com - Romance and Love in various cultures

If you are interested in contacting Lisa Shea in order to discuss partnership or advertising arrangements, please use the links provided on the site you are most interested in working with. Each site has unique requrements and contact forms.

About Minerva

Minerva was the goddess of wisdom and reason in the Roman Empire. She was the patron for learning, the arts, science, poetry and literature. Minerva was also hailed as the defender of the weak and poor. In the Greek culture she was known as Athena, goddess of justice, and the city of Athens was dedicated to her.

Minerva's symbol was the wise owl.

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